Thriftin Tuesdays: Leather Haul

My latest haul is full of one of falls hottest trends, LEATHER!! During my latest thrifting adventure, I was able to find 3 pair of leather pants (black, beige, and brown) and two leather skirts (black and purple):

I also was able to locate the vintage bell bottoms that I have been searching for, a pair of 80's tribal pants, a vintage 70's dress and a geometric print 80's skirt. I plan to use the skirt to wrap some shoes with and maybe use the rest to make a different type of skirt. I spent a total of $18 and some cents for my entire purchase and considering the fact that leather pants are going for as high as $1000, i have to call this a steal!!

I am happy to report that I did not make any insane purchases this time lol I think its the sales that get me going crazy and this time all items where regularly priced! I love everything that I bought and can actually see myself wearing it all.

While I love the items as they are, I want to give them a more modern feel sooooo, I altered the leather skirt to make it more form fitting. I purchased a Brothers sewing machine on Ebay for like $80 and if you are a thrifter, I highly suggest getting one. I flipped it inside out, lifted up the lining and sewed a semi triangular shape along the side. Here's a picture of how I sewed it:

           Here's the finished product. I love the patchwork feel of this skirt and cant wait to wear it out!

I also plan on making all of the pants into a skinny fit. The bottom originally looked like this:

I have not altered the pants yet but when i do, I will flip them inside out and sew along the area where i placed the white strips:

Hope this helps!! I will show you guys how the pants look once I have them fully altered :)

Stay Tuned,

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