Thriftin Tuesday: My latest Haul, Shoes!

So before I go in and take the most important test of my life (NCLEX-RN, please pray for me), I wanted to share my most recent thrift haul, SHOES! I went into the thrift looking for a camera and while I was shopping, there was an announcement on the loud speaker that sent me into a trance, "today only, all shoes 40% off!" Why, why, why?! I immediately left the electronic section (okay i RAN lol) and found myself staring at rows and rows of shoes! I grabbed every shoe that I thought was cute AND could fit my gigantic size 10 foot (I swear everyone from the 80s had the tiniest feet and smallest waist). The crazy part is that i didn't even have a basket, soooo I had to pile all the shoes into my arms :-/ Most of the shoes where from the 80s and made of real suede, leather and even reptile/snake skin! They also came from popular 80's labels such as Evan Picone, Joan & David and Valerie Stevens. Most importantly, they all had a baby heel which means no pain, maximum cuteness and perfect for the upcoming Fall season. The most expensive was $3.95 and the least expensive .95 cents! Okay let me stop and take a deep breath! 1,2,3, inner peace! I left out of the thrift having spent $9 for 9 pair of shoes. Here's pics of the shoes I copped:

 I love love love them all but my two faves are these:

These shoes stand on their own and can add a lot of flair to something as simple as jeans and a tee!

Now I told you I was in a trance and probably a little insane right??? So these are the shoes I picked up when I was at my greatest moment of insanity:

Who and where did I think I was?! Hmmmm??? Probably Dorothy and in the Wizard of OZ lol it's okay though, I'm gonna rock those shoes with day lol

I am one of the biggest germaphobs and if you are too, you can use these to clean the inside of your thrifted shoes. Just wipe all around the inside with the cloth and sit the shoes to the side to dry. They are really inexpensive too, $1 for this small pack and like $3 for a big canister:

After hearing all of this, its probably hard to believe that once upon a time, I was a true thrift snob! The thought of the thrift store made me itch and I hated when my grandmother would take us thrifting with her. To me, that always meant hours and hours of trying to patiently wait while she shifted through what I called junk! I mean who buys other people old used stuff?? Now I can proudly raise my hand and scream "me me" with a big kool-aid smile :)

I got into thrifting about a year and a half ago, kinda by accident or maybe it was fate? My friend and I decided to have a 80s prom theme birthday party and so I went into some thrift stores to find a dress. As I was looking around, I started noticing things that I actually liked and the price was wonderful for the starving student that I was. A vintage shirt for .50 cents, an 80s leather jacket for $2.95?! Your kidding right?! Then and there I was hooked and there was no looking back.

It may sound crazy but I get excited when thrifting. I look at vintage pieces and i start to wonder: who wore this, where did they wear it to, did they have a hard time giving it away and what did it mean to them? I know that a lot of my clothes have special meaning, are full of memories and I hold on to pieces thinking I'll be able to fit into it next month (always AFTER I lose 10lbs). My wardrobe is now full of vintage (mostly 70s and 80s) pieces and I hope to share them with you every Tuesday! If you enjoy thrifting as much as I do, please please puhleeeese share your hauls with me! I love to drool over other people finds too :)

Stay tuned,

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