Make it Mondays: Tribal wedges

In the last Want it Wednesday post, I talked about how much I wanted the Aldo Julian Louis Tribal wedges but unfortunately, they are sold out! So I figured, why be sad about it when I can try to make my own pair??  Now i have to admit, I've never tried anything like this so I had to pray that these came out half way decent!  But when i see something I like, one of the first things that comes to my mind is "hmmm, girl you could make that!" and 9 times out of 10 I actually do it lol Hopefully I can inspire you to dig into your creative side because I firmly believe that we don't give ourselves enough creative credit! You can do almost anything that you put your mind to :)

Fall is officially here and so I wanted to go with something closed toe. I am going to show u how to make these, also sold at Aldo:

I actually lucked up and found these ugly patent pleather wedges at a store in the mall, they were on sale for $10 AND they had a buy one get one half off sale so I ended up with two pairs for $15. The fabric that I am using is a thrifted skirt that was 95 cents and a thrifted shirt that was $1.91! So while Aldo is selling the shoes for $90/pair. I got my own custom and might i add cute version for only $17 and some odd cents :)
This project takes about an hour so say a quick woosah and gather the following supplies:

A pair (or two) of inexpensive wedges, some fabric or a skirt or shirt with a cute print, scissors, and a fabric glue (I used fabri-tac).

Let me give u a couple of disclaimers on this glue!! It is some strong stuff and you need serious ventilation! I thought opening the window and turning on the fan would be enough but trust me when i say that it wasn't!! I mean my hands started jittering, my head started feeling all light and I basically I was high off the fumes lol Moral of the story: don't be like me lol Another pointer is even though the glue is liquid it drys very fast and strong so keep your hands moving! Finally you dont need a whole lot of glue! If you use too much it will seep through the fabric, especially if the fabric is thin.

Apply glue to the entire bottom outer rim of the shoe (doesn't have to be neat).

Place the shoe in center of fabric and firmly push down. Flip over and start smoothing the wrinkles out along the bottom and the bottom edges. Sit to the side and repeat on other shoe. Your fabric should now be stuck to the bottom of the shoe.

Pick up first shoe and lay on the side. Apply glue to the entire side of shoe using a zig ag motion. Quickly pull fabric over glue and smooth all wrinkles out. Flip over and repeat on opposite side. Sit the shoe to the side to dry and repeat on the other shoe.

The very front and very back of the shoe needs to be glued on. Apply glue on entire front of shoe and start pleating the fabric, pull it tight and tuck ends inside of shoe. Repeat on back of shoe, also pleating the fabric and tucking the ends inside. Sit shoe to the side to dry and repeat process on other shoe.


After about 5 minutes of drying, take shoe and pull excess tucked in fabric up and out. With your scissors, cut around entire inner edge, leaving about one inch of fabric. Grab outer layer of pleated parts and pull back. Cut out the inside bulky fabric.

Place the shoe on its side and put glue along the top inner edge. Grasp fabric and fold over, making sure the edge is smooth. Continue until the all edges, front and back, have been completed. Repeat on other shoe. Allow shoe to dry for about an hour.

Optional: if you want to cut the fabric off the bottom of the shoe, take a razor blade and carefully cut along the outside bottom rim of the shoe. I actually like it with the fabric left on or maybe I'm just plain lazy lol

Yay, we are DONE!!! Here's the finished product, I actually made 2 different pair. What do you think?:

Oh I almost forgot! Don't throw your scraps away!! I am going to use mine to make a clutch, a skirt AND I actually made these earrings by gluing the fabric to foam and some old earrings I had:

Gotta say I'm a huge fan! Not only because I made them but because I know that there's no one else with them :-)I actually wore them out this weekend and will share pics of the look on Wednesday.

Hope you enjoyed! Please share pics if you decide to try this out!

Stay tuned,


  1. Nice and creative. Good job Ebony

  2. Thanks Rhonda! Be sure to Share pics and let me know if you decide to try it out :)

  3. Girl your level of creativity NEVER ceases to amaze me... Dope!

  4. You did a gr8 job!