Make it Mondays: 80's Geometric Earrings + Our 1st Giveaway!!

Ladies, have you ever found the bombest cutest, biggest, prettiest earrings and you make plans to wear them out with your girls for the night? Your taking pictures, having drinks, dancing and laughing with your friends when all of a sudden, your ear starts hurting??? You already know where I'm going with this one right?? The earrings are TOO HEAVY! So you take one out, still trying to be all fancy but its not long before the other one comes out too. Now your earringless and your whole look is thrown off. Seeee, I knew you understood! Glad im not the only one lol

I love earrings, they are my most favorite accessory and one of my biggest shopping addictions (well next to shoes....and clothes...and okay okay, i'm a shopaholic) BUT because they can be really heavy and painful, they are also one of my biggest pet peeves!  In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to create these earrings:

I actually saw them on Amber Rose and featured on and with the geometric shaping and bright colors, I felt like they SCREAM 80's style! I knew I wanted a pair BUT not for $38 plus shipping. So I figured why not make my own?? Now let me tell you a little secret (come a little closer cause I dont want anyone to hear our business) *whispering* I dont want your ears to hurt and I want you to be able to wear these ALL night lol So I'm actually going to show you how to make them out of foam sheets, which happens to be very lightweight and very inexpensive!

So go ahead and set aside about an hour and grab the following materials:

White Foam sheet, triangle makeup sponges, jump rings,earring backs, scissors, glue gun, glue sticks, chain, nail polish (optional: wire cutters and nose pliers).

Step One: determine how big you want your earrings to be, they can be as big or as little as desire. Since I am going for more of an 80's geometric shape, I actually made mine more wide and long than the original pair. Since it already has the desired shape, use the makup sponge as your template, and place it on top of the white foam. Cut around the sponge until you get a shape similar to this:

Set the makeup sponge to the side and place the cutout on top of the foam and cut around it. You should now have 2 equal shapes, this will be your pair of earrings. Here are the 3 pair, I made. I experimented with sizing and made a small, medium and large pair.

Step Two: Determine what color you'd like. Although the original is yellow, any color will work and the more creative you are, the more unique your earrings will be. Grab the nail polish, a makeup sponge and  place the earrings on top of a large sheet of paper. Paint your earrings with the polish and then use the makeup sponge to smooth it out. I wanted an 80s splash effected so after painting the earrings, I flicked different colors of nail polish onto them.

Allow to dry, then flip over and repeat process on the back. Total drying time should be about 10 minutes per side.

Step Three: Once your earrings are dry, you can now add your chain to the outside. Take your chain and measure it around the perimeter, allow some excess so that it can dangle at the bottom. Cut the excess chain off using wire cutters or scissors. Take your heated glue gun and place glue along one side of the earring. Quickly place your chain in the glue, press and allow to harden. Repeat until all sides have been completed.

Step Four:
Open your jump ring and attach it to the chain in the upper corner.

Clamp it closed with nose pliers or your fingers and attach your earring back to the jump ring. Voila!!! Your done and your earrings are now ready to wear! Here's a picture the different pairs I made and I cant wait to rock them!! What do you think???

I wanted to show you guys what the earrings look like on so heres a couple of pics of me wearing them. The yellow ones where medium sized and the pink ones are large:

Now since I'm soooo nice and cause I love you all ") Ill be giving away a pair to a randomly chosen winner!

To enter, all you have to do is:
1. Click the FOLLOW link (at the very top of the page).
2. Leave a comment telling me what you think about the pictorial, if you plan on trying it AND which pair of earrings are your most favorite.
Simple right?!

Contest ends on Saturday, September 17th at 11:00pm PST. Winner will be randomly selected and notified via email on Monday September 19th.

Stay tuned,

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