Fad Fridays: Natural Hair

Is natural hair a fad?? I recently overheard someone saying that this natural hair thing was a fad among black women. Hmmmm, what are your thoughts? Although I disagree, I get mixed reviews about my hair in it's natural state. My grandmother said "I know you are not going to walk out the house with your hair sticking up like that," my son asked me "when are you going to stitch your hair long again?" and my boyfriend said that he actually prefers my hair in weaves :-/ The nerve of these opinionated people!!!

This made me think, am I defined by my hair??  Why is hair such a big deal for women of color? We get criticized for being relaxed, we get criticized for being natural and we get criticized for wearing weaves! What does that leave us??

Although I've been natural for about 6 years, I've worn weaves for the majority of that time. I've grown to love the ease of styling a weave, being able to constantly apply lots and lots of heat with lack of damage to my natural hair BUT Ive also grown to view my hair as being more unmanageable. I was looking at 70s images on google and i came across this picture:

I stared and then I drooled for like 5 minutes. Then I decided that i want that fro! I feel that now days the Afro is more than a hairstyle, it's a statement! It screams, I don't care if long, straight, thin and down to the ground hair is in style, I'm gonna be defiant and let my hair be thick, kinkilicious and shoot up to the heavens! I was really nervous, ok i was down right scared, to try it! Then I came up with several reason why I shouldn't do it:

Reason #1 I cant workout because I will sweat my hair out.
Reason #2 I don't want damage my real hair by putting all that heat on it.
Reason #3 Its not long enough yet, I just want it to grow a little more before I wear it.
Reason #4 I don't feel as pretty with my natural hair.
Reason #5 I don't want the people at my job touching my hair or asking all kinds of stupid question.
Reason #6 It's too hot and sunny.
Reason #7 It's too cold and rainy.
Reason #8 Men, especially Black men, don't like natural hair.
Reason #9 I don't want people to think I'm that militant anti American, anti social, don't say anything to me or I'll snap on u black girl!

**sigh** ladies have you experienced a similar dilemma with similar reasoning???

I finally I decided I can't live in fear of what others think or how they will react, what kind of life is that???? It's just hair and it's MY hair at that!!! So i put on "Eye of the Tiger" for some inspiration, stuck out my chest, washed my hair, said a quick prayer and grabbed an Afro pic...and unfortunately my fro:

  well, it was deflated AND lets just say it was a no no lol turns out after years of heat applications my hair is toooooo straight:( But I don't plan to stop there! For the rest of September, I plan to look to the 70's for inspiration and wear my hair in various natural styles. This should be fun, and I'm excited to see how creative I can be :)

Stay tuned,


  1. This seems fun and exciting. Interested in more posts. Maybe I can get a few ideas... Job well done!

  2. Aww thanks Nicole! I am truly excited :) i have so many ideas and pictorials in my head! I can't wait to share them!

  3. I agree with Nicole! Cant wait to see more pics ;-)

  4. Ebony, I think your blog is GREAT!! I can't wait to see more :)

  5. Awww thanks Shameka! Glad you like it :)