Fad Fridays: Leather Pants

If you wore leather pants, well let me rephrase. If you wore ANY kind of leather in the 1980's you were real fresh! I mean people rocked leather from head to toe ; leather jacket, leather pants, leather shoes, leather hat, leather everything! Dont believe me??

Seee I told ya!! But it's okay, back in 1980 they looked hella fly!? Now dont go jumping the gun and thinking that you should go out and but a full head to toe leather fit. We all know that would be a fashion no no right?? Okay kool, I'm just making sure yall dont walk out of the house looking crazy lol

The leather trend is making a really cute comeback in the form of leather pants! Leather pants today are less shiny, have a lower rise at the waist, a skinny fit and some even have metal detailing. Recently celebs such as Rhianna, J.lo and Ciara have been spotted rocking them and I have to say that I am in love with it.

Leather can be very masculine and I love how with the pumps and accessories, the ladies were able to add a feminine touch to it. I searched online and was able to find several cute options but as expected, they are quite expensive! For example, if you are like me and fell in love with Ciara's pair, you knew that you immediately had to have them! After an online search, I found that they are made by Rag & Bone and are selling for about $990. Let me repeat nine hundred and ninety dollars *sigh* okay lets give a brief moment of silence and a sip of moscato to the pants that I will NOT be getting......................................................... Here in California that's about one months rent sooooo I had to search for a cheaper option.

If you love this trend and your on a budget, I definitely sugguest hitting up your local thrift stores and taking advantage of what they have ASAP. I went into a local thrift store and was able to find several pair of vintage 80's leather pants and skirts. The price ranged from $1.41 to $6.96 and most importantly they had MY size!!! Just to keep you in a little suspense lol I will share my finds on the next Thriftin Tuesdays. I'll also show you how I altered them for a more modern fit.

Stay Tuned,

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