Fad Fridays: Box Braids

Justice: I'm a black woman! I deserve respect!
Yes, I took it there! Back to the poetic justice days lol Box braids were booming in the 90s! Everywhere you looked people rocked em! Big ones, long ones, skinny ones, short ones and they went by different names. Here in LA we called them individuals or even dookie braids.

In the 90's, Brandy had a lock on the braids game. She wore box braids for soooooo long that we were all surprised when she started wearing other styles and who could forget dancehall artist Patra! She would wine slow with the bombest longest braids ever! Well they are making a huge comeback with many Celebs such as Jada, Solange, Brandy and Patra recently stepping out in them.

From L-R: Jada, Solange, Brandy, Patra
I love this trend, just not sure if I will be trying it anytime soon. Especially since I remember how long it used to take when I would get individuals! I'm talking about hours AND to top it off my mom used to braid my hair and it would be soooooo tight! Pain, slight headache and slanted eyes for like 2 days until they loosened up. All bad lol

Ladies what do you think about this trend? Any of you bold enough to try them??

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